docu-editorial storytelling rooted in clarity, care and connection

imagery for souls unequivocally in love with life 

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nervous anticipation as you walk down the aisle
tears shed as you exchange your vows
walking hand in hand together as one
greetings whispered amongst guests
warm embraces enveloping loved ones
excitement bursting from every corner of the room
clinking of glasses as toasts are given
love and libations filling every cup

documentary style photography
for non-traditional couples

your story

imagery meant to transcend time and space -- to transport you back to the moment, the emotion, the memory -- to relive over and over so long as your images exist in this physical realm

CAPTURED as authentically
as it unfolds

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I march to the beat of my own drum and I appreciate any opportunity to try something new, break the mold and get funky. Because of this, I'm a big supporter of ditching the norm and instead cultivating a day that feels true to you, your love and your personalities.

Growing up I was, and still am, an incredibly nostalgic person. I spent a lot of my childhood flipping through old family pictures and albums, watching and rewatching old family movies and practically had a camera glued to my hand since the time I was ten years old. 

In high school, I found sanctuary in the dark room and would often spend my lunch or study halls scribbling in my sketch book or thinking up concepts for photoshoots and forcing my friends to model for me (thanks, guys!)

Photography has always been my chosen medium. It has allowed me to preserve the things that I hold near and dear to my heart, and that's precisely what I set out to do for all the lovely souls I have had the honor of documenting in front of my lens.

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I myself am strange and unusual

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*cue Winona Ryder levitating to Shake SeƱora*

yes, i'm ready!

Let's throw tradition out the window and do whatever the heck makes you happy.
After all, this is YOUR day, so let's run it by your rules.

we dare do the unconventional and to see things through a new lens


A must-have guide to help you start the wedding planning process. Full of important questions to ask yourselves and tips to consider as you start to piece together your perfect day.

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