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Long Island, New York


I'm Stephanie, a Long Island based photographer, specializing in intimate, non-traditional events for souls wildly in love with life and with each other. If you've found yourself here, that means you're lucky enough to be in love or to be loved -- and what a beautiful thing that is;
to know love in this world.

Photography has been a passion of mine since my grade school days. Back then I marveled, and still do, at how these intricate little devices wield so much power.

It's practically magic. 

I love what I do, it's as simple as that. I love connecting with my clients, getting to learn and know your personalities, your stories, your wishes and desires. I love capturing the most important days of your life, helping to ingrain the memory of the day to live on well past the time it has concluded

i help to
preserve your
most cherished memories

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I've been lucky enough to have been snapping photos for 15+ years. I fell in love with this art from an early age and its hold was only further magnified after being introduced to shooting and processing film. 

Film has fostered my keen eye for documenting both the seen and unseen -
no detail is ever overlooked.

Though my academic studies were primarily rooted in psychology, I continued to pursue photography throughout my college career, completing independent studies and being invited to showcase my work in local galleries. My background has equipped me with an ability to form deep-rooted connections with others, as well as a deeper understanding of what drives and motivates them.

not your average wedding photographer


a good meal and good friends make my heart swell. 

when I'm not working, I can be found spending quality time with family, friends and my cats, El and Zeus. 

lover of film, long scenic drives, iced coffee, rainy days, stand-up comedy, live music, fall scented candles

long island is where I call home, but the travel bug is something I caught early on. I'll travel wherever your love grows.


my darling husband, light of my life

my favorite part of wedding days is capturing polaroids on my dad's camera from the 90s.

new girl junkie


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